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Friday, March 24, 2006

Vahts Ahp Yoo Em Dob!!!

You know vaht I love about USA? Dere is so many race of people, is like a real melting pot, or as ve say in Iran, kashke bahdemjoon! Vahn ting dat is interesting doh, is dere is some people dat dey are like a kashke bahdemjoon demselves. Dere is a dude on our feloor dat his name is Ethan. He is look like a honky guy, but he is sound like a soul broder! Is may be he is a “mix race”, like dey say, but I herd he is from de Salt Lake City, and I don know if dey have a lot of mix race dere.

Anyvay, you vanne know someting else doh? Ven I vaz a liddel kid, *I* taut I vaz a soul broder. Because on de TV, is only honky and soul broder, but no Iranian. So I look, and I tink, “vell, I’m not a honky, so I guess I am a soul broder”. After a vile I feegair it out, but even now, ven I see a soul broder on de estreet, I tink in my head “Yes. You, me, yes” or ven I vahtch on like a Survivor or Amazeen Race, I am always root for the soul broders. I don know vhy, but is like a eengrain.

Question, is it mostly a honky people dat is read dis belog? Because if yes, ve should do vaht ve can to make it more of a kashke bahdemjoon. Man, come to tink of it, I could really go for some kashke bahdemjoon right now. I fond a recepe at . Check et out:

Ingredients: (4 servings)

·         Small eggplants, 6

·         Kashk, one glass (kashk is thick whey, and should be purchased in Iran or at an  Iranian store) tomato paste, one spoon

·         Medium onions, 2

·         Dried mint, 2 spoons (or 200 grams of fresh mint)

·         Cooking oil

·         Salt

·         Black pepper

Peel eggplants and slice length-wise to a thickness of 1 cm. Add salt and pepper and fry on both sides on medium heat until golden. Add half a cup of hot water to one spoon of tomato paste and mix well. Add to eggplants and cook over medium heat for about 4-5 minutes.

Peel onions and slice thinly. Fry in oil until golden. Also fry dried mint in oil for a few minutes. Alternatively, fresh mint can be used. If so, wash and finely chop mint, then fry in oil. Pour kashk evenly over eggplants; follow with onions and mint, then serve.

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Thanks for the recipe!
Hey, it's not only honkies reading this... I'm a soul sistah AND one of the "mix race."

Posted by: Dana | Mar 31, 2006 5:14:55 PM

I'd like some more please.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show!!! There needs to be a marathon or release the DVD, I keep telling people about the show, but they can never seem to find it. Jaegerbombers UNITE.

Posted by: Cupie | May 11, 2006 10:55:17 AM

i'm a mix race!!! and i LOVEEEEEEEEE THE SHOW! OMG, its like my favorite.

Posted by: diana | Jun 8, 2006 1:47:12 PM

like, vow, dis is so persian, oi cant even fadome vaht es going on.

haha and i love the ridic representation, for realz.

Posted by: sahar | Aug 10, 2006 2:46:28 PM

Hey, have you ladies gotten to check out the new show, Monarch Cove on Lifetime??? Exciting new drama, on Fridays at 11pm! i think you'll like it... You can even add all the characters on myspace to keep updated!

Posted by: neens | Dec 5, 2006 3:20:36 PM

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