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Monday, January 23, 2006


Where can you find J.C Chasez of N’Sync, Ryan Cabrera, Paris Hilton and the Campus Ladies all in one place? Why in Las Vegas at the Radio Music Awards. We were in attendance with our fancy producer; Curb your Enthusiasm’s Cheryl Hines, in order to promote the launch of the show. Upon arrival, we put on our passes for the Back Stage Bash and had a delicious bite to eat before starting the whirlwind four-hour station tour.

One of the large ballrooms at the Aladdin hotel was sectioned off for adult contemporary stations. Each of the stations in attendance set up a table to do interviews. Some interviews were to tape others we did live. We had our wranglers walk us around from table to table, crisscrossing all over the room. They would announce to us, “Okay, now you guys are headed to Florida and then you will go to New York.”

Everyone across the board seemed giddy to speak to Cheryl face to face. There were several romantic proposals and lots of questions about what Larry David is really like. Cheryl handled it all with great aplomb. The three of us would then hunker down to the two microphones we were usually given and give a speedy breakdown of the show and why folks should watch. It’s a good thing we’re such close friends with nice breath because we really had to cozy up to one another.

The Boston DJs were especially nice to us, because Carrie and I both come from Massachusetts and they worshipped Cheryl. Often the stations had fun things to play with like crayons and clay. One fellow actually offered us some Jack Daniels, which made subsequent interviews even more fun.

When Carrie and I caught site of Paris and her enormous entourage we were tickled. She had a camera crew and several hangers on as well as a sheet of what she would and would not talk about. We were delighted to see that she was willing to talk about her sex tape, but not Nicole Richie. As Cheryl would say, “Innnnnnnnteresting.”

The interviews were really fun. When we would describe specific story lines (the ladies try to find a bathroom with some privacy or the ladies experiment with becoming lesbians), we always got an enthusiastic. College is such a specific experience and everyone loves to chime in about their own bad behavior.

We have done more radio since then, all three of us in pajamas at Cheryl’s house at 4:45am clinging to mugs of tea and coffee. DJ’s are so good at keeping things energized and entertaining. It really is a lot harder than it sounds. Our thanks to everyone who was so gracious and supportive at the RMA’s. Next time you hear someone on the radio, know that they may well have bed head and ridiculous sleepwear on, unless of course they are Paris Hilton.

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Are they staying in character on this blog or not?

I don't get it.

Posted by: Nina | Jan 23, 2006 7:38:32 PM

Who cares? Why get all technical? Just enjoy the blog for what it's worth and appreciate the hilarious humor that is Joan and Barri!

Posted by: David | Jan 24, 2006 9:37:30 AM

I love the show. Just wish the blog was in character, too. :-)

The girls make 40 look hot...and they're giving me another birthday to look forward to. :-)

Posted by: Nina | Jan 28, 2006 12:14:11 PM

Oh my gosh! This show is so freaking hilarious!! I wish it were on more days of the week. My roommate and I just bust up laughing every time we watch it! More, More, More!!!

Keep up the good work cast and crew! :-)

Posted by: Sandy | Jan 30, 2006 8:35:02 PM

I soo luv Campus Ladies their cool.

Posted by: Josephine Shaffer | Feb 10, 2006 12:22:02 PM

I love Campus Ladies!! The story lines are so like real college and the Ladies are hilarious. I also love Drew and his roommate and the R.A. I can't wait for new episodes.

Posted by: Steph | Feb 19, 2006 4:02:02 PM

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